Many of us are seeking our purpose in this life and struggle to find it. We pursue hope, joy, and love and often come up empty. The Good News for us all is there is an answer. God created everything perfect, but we chose to seek people and things to “complete us” rather than to serve God. These choices are rebellion against God which is called sin. We find ourselves more sinful than we’d ever want to admit and in need of a rescuer. God doesn’t leave us in this state. He became man, lived a perfect life, died the death we should’ve died on a cross as a payment for our sin, and rose again conquering sin, Satan, and death so that we could live and have a restored relationship with God. In this relationship, we find the love, joy, and hope we all seek. In Him, we are given purpose as we find we are loved more than we could ever imagine. We find true meaning in this life when we begin to live for Him.

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